2016 Toyota Avalon: Luxury for all Ages

When it comes to merging luxury with sport, the Toyota Avalon has found a winning combination.

Toyota has always set the Avalon apart by making it the main full-sized sedan in their line-up and filled it with standard features that appeal to all age groups. That is what makes it one of Toyota’s best sellers.

Power and Performance

avalon_cov_July16The sleek styling of the 2016 Avalon gives it the appearance of speed and agility, which makes you forget that this is really a full-sized sedan. The 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels provide grip and handling thanks to the low rolling resistance tires. Even the placement of the headlight design gives it an aggressive appearance.

The Avalon is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 engine that puts forth 268 horsepower. The Avalon delivers high-performance without sacrificing any fuel efficiency because of the dual variable valve timing. This means more money in your pocket and a fuel efficiency rating of 11.4L/100km in the city and 7.6L/100km on the highway.

You can make manual gear selections through the leather wrapped steering wheel shift paddles. Touch button drive mode lets you choose your throttle response. Choose between Normal, ECO and sport modes. A leather wrapped shift knob lets you feel the power through your fingertips.

Comfortable Interior

Even though it is built for those who want an exhilarating ride, do not forget that this is Toyota’s flagship sedan. They have equipped it with luxurious amenities that all ages will appreciate.

The interior in every Avalon offers you comfortable seating, but the Touring package has standard leather upholstery that fits and feels like a well-worn glove. The Limited package offers both heated and ventilated seats for summer and winter driving, and it has heated rear seats, so that your passengers stay warm and toasty on cold nights. You can open up the night sky with a touch of a button on the power moonroof.

In addition to the amenities, the interior of the Avalon is roomy. It seats five adults, and the rear seat has a fold-down armrest with pass-through. Your passengers will like the dual zone climate control that lets them decide how much air or heat they need. Toyota lets them stretch out with 995mm in legroom and 936mm of headroom.

avalon_int_July16The Avalon has a low threshold that makes it easy for folks with mobility challenges to get in and out. Because it is roomy, there is plenty of space for them to store medical devices they may need to carry with them.

Smooth Ride

You know it looks good and feels great, but how does it ride? All of those aerodynamic parts on the exterior translate to more than higher fuel mileage; they provide the Avalon with a stable ride by directing the airflow around the car. It only has a drag coefficient of 0.28. Toyota put diffuser panels under the chassis that help reduce turbulence. In addition to greater stability, you get a lot less wind noise.

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, you can appreciate a well-handling automobile. However, it is a lot more fun to be the driver, and the Avalon offers drivers a lot of technology that makes driving fun.

No matter what your age, there are these luxuries and more awaiting you in the 2016 Toyota Avalon. Stop by the dealership and test drive it today.