2018 Toyota 86

Perfection. Improved.

With a long hood and short rear deck, the 86 cuts a classic sports car profile. And with modern technology and innovation informing every detail, this sports coupe boasts an incredibly slippery .29Cd drag coefficient. Its aggressive styling actually helps optimize overall performance. The large chin spoiler and integrated canards help keep the front end firmly planted to the ground for sharpened turn-in response. The rear diffuser improves airflow and reduces turbulent air exiting from under the car, also keeping the car more stable at higher speeds.

A full complement of LED lighting accentuates the cutting-edge style of the 86. Up front LED lighting is used for the high and low-beam headlights, integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL), turn signals, and available fog lights. In the rear, LED lighting is used for the taillights, brake lights and rear turn signals, all of which take the 86 to new levels of cool.

At the heart of 86 is a potent 2.0-litre flat-four engine known as a “boxer”. With its horizontally opposed pistons and compact dimensions, the engine sits low in the chassis for optimal balance and performance. Manual transmission models enjoy 205 horsepower and 156 lb.-ft. of torque and a bright red intake manifold. Automatics pump out 200 horsepower and 151 lb.-ft. of torque.

Both manuals and automatics are six-speed transmissions capable of breathtaking acceleration and impressive fuel economy.

Inside the interior immediately announces this is a space for serious drivers. The Granlux, suede-like materials show off a more sophisticated side. Deeply bolstered front seats bring comfort along when on long road trips and firmly hold you in place during spirited driving.

86 features an ergonomic, leather-wrapped wheel that feels great in your hands thanks to a smaller diameter and quick-ratio steering. Integrated audio controls make it easier to access your favourite music while maintaining control.

Available is the Display Audio with Navigation System. Unique to Toyota, this powerful piece of technology features a high-resolution 7-in. touch-screen display. Navigation functions with turn-by-turn directions make finding your way a snap. Better yet, the system comes standard with Aha Radio app with over 100,000 available stations, iPod connectivity and six speakers, delivering a perfect soundtrack for any drive.

Every 2018 86 comes standard with the ingenious Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) feature. This convenient technology takes the worry out of driving a standard transmission by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards when switching from brake to accelerator on inclines.

Smart Stop Technology (SST) helps reduce engine power if both the brake and gas pedal are applied at the same time. The feature will not engage if the brake pedal is depressed before the accelerator pedal, allowing time for the driver to move from brake to acceleration. And for those weekend track days, this also means you can still “heel-toe” a manual transmission model without compromise.