KINTO Share Try Before You Buy

Extended Test Drive at Milton Toyota

Purchasing a vehicle is the second biggest purchase in someone's life.
Take advantage of our unique 'Try Before You Buy' program!

Milton Toyota allows you to rent our three most popular models through our unique KINTO Share program. This will give you the opportunity to take the vehicle of your choice on an extended-test drive.

Models include: Corolla Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, and Prius.

Experience the unique vehicle features and Hybrid technology
Take the vehicle home to show your family and friends
See how it fits in your lifestyle and your garage
Fuel is included in the test drive rental
Enjoy the vehicle and take it around town - CAUTION: Will cause you to fall more in love with it!

If you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from Milton Toyota, we will reimburse you the full amount of your 'Try Before You Buy' program.

Which vehicles are available in KINTO Share?
KINTO Share at Milton Toyota features a variety of high quality Toyota vehicles, predominantly hybrid models including: Corolla, RAV4 and Prius.

How do I register?
Fill out our form and we will invite you to our program. After you are invited, simple download the app to your device and sign up as prompted. Please feel free to reach out to a Milton Toyota representative if you need assistance with the registration process. Once you're approved, which should only take a few seconds, you'll be ready to use the vehicle.

How far in advance can I reserve the vehicle?
We will reserve the vehicle for you up to 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the vehicles sanitized?
All of the vehicles are regularly cleaned, sanitized and maintained to provincial and factory standards by Milton Toyota.

Are the vehicles insured?
If you are insured under an automobile insurance policy, your auto policy may be the primary insurance in the case of an accident, no different than when you're driving your own vehicle.

Why is the registration process asking for my credit card? Is my credit card stored safely?
Your credit card is required for possible extensions to the reservation and in case there are chargeable fees based on your use of the KINTO Share vehicle. Some examples may include damage during the reservation or traffic infractions. KINTO Share does not store any personal credit card information, and we work with PCI-compliant partners to ensure that your information is transmitted securely.

Will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking. You will only be charged after the reservation if there are extensions to the reservation and in case there are chargeable fees based on your use of the KINTO Share vehicle. (A preauthorization to the credit card will occur at the time of making the reservation. The credit card will be charged at the end of the reservation for the cost of the reservation and any other fees.)

What kind of checks will you perform?
We require your driver's licence as we will be running a licence validity check. This will assure us that you hold a valid G Class driver's licence in Ontario, you're at least 21 years old with one year's driving experience.