Record Hybrid Electric Vehicle Sales

Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) reported that Toyota and Lexus hybrid electric vehicles (5,097 units sold) accounted for a record 19.4% of total sales in May and led TCI to a 9.1% overall sales increase for its second best month ever.

The all-new made-in-Canada RAV4 hybrid (2,261 units sold, up 184.4%) and the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid (957 units sold, up 125.2%), both had record months.

This increase in hybrid electric vehicle purchases reflects the results of a recent Canada-wide Ipsos poll commissioned by TCI, which found that 40% of respondents were considering more fuel-efficient electrified vehicles to avoid high prices at the pump and 52% were likely to purchase an electrified vehicle within the next five years.

TCI’s Toyota Division reported sales of 24,010 in May, up 9%, while the Lexus luxury division reported its best May ever, with sales of 2,290 units, up 9.5%.

Lexus sets 5th consecutive monthly sales record

Led by the RX (698 units sold) and NX (634 units sold), Lexus truck sales recorded a May record of 1,791 units sold, up 14.1%. Sales of the ES (223 units sold, up 42%) also helped Lexus achieve an overall sales record for May.

Additional May Highlights

  • TCI truck sales of 15,313 units, up 8.9% (best month ever)
  • C-HR sales of 919 units, up 25.5% (best month ever)
  • 4Runner sales of 854 units, up 12.4% (new May record)
  • TCI car sales of 10,987 units, up 9.3%
  • Corolla sales of 6,246 units, up 9.8%