Winter is Coming

2016-toyota-4runner-coverDon’t let a little rain, sleet or snow ruin your plans. The 2016 Toyota 4-Runner is ready for winter. As soon as you see those first snow flurries, you know it won’t be long before the world turns white and the fun starts.

Play in the Snow

When it comes to playing in the snow, the 4-Runner comes ready for anything. It’s built rugged in order to conquer any terrain on and off your map.

The 4-Runner is an off-road SUV that has been carefully designed to get you in and out of remote areas. Toyota gave the 2016 4-Runner a heavy-duty body-on-frame construction that helps it to endure some of the high-elevation mountain roads and their ruts, holes and rocks.

Because it has large profile wheels and tires, from 17-inches on the Trail Edition and the SR5 to 20-inches on the Limited Models, driving over half buried rocks and logs is not much of a challenge. Toyota also gave the Trail Edition a Crawl Control for particularly steep hills and big rocks. They knew you couldn’t resist a remote wooded road.

The Trail Edition is particularly well suited for these types of trails thanks to the underbody armour that Toyota added to protect the engine, fuel tank and transfer case.

Since things can go wrong off-road, they did a good job of protecting parts that would strand you should they become damaged. A big tree limb or rock point could puncture a critical metal part like a fuel tank. The armour is designed to keep that from happening.

It’s not just the under armour. The front tow hooks and roof rack can also come in handy, especially if you need to pull one of your friends out of a ditch or you are carrying kayaks to your favourite trailhead for a late season paddle down the river.

Off the Trail

4×4 options on the SR5 and Trail Edition take the 4-Runner beyond the campground and to the top of logging roads and other remote areas. The Trail Edition offers three drive modes from a centre counsel mount. There is no getting out of the truck to turn knobs. While this is only a part-time 4×4 mode, the Limited Package offers full-time 4WD with a centre counsel mounted switch and a locking centre differential. That gives you power to all four wheels, which makes climbing out of holes a lot easier.

2016-toyota-4runner-intClimb in Comfort

Just because it is built like a truck doesn’t mean that it rides like a truck. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Toyota made the 4-Runner SUV the epitome of luxury.

The 4-Runner boasts a spacious interior that has its focus on comfort. One of those comfort features includes the 8-way adjustable power driver’s seat that lets you make small adjustments as you drive in order to help fight off muscle fatigue. The Trail Edition and SR5 seats are covered in soft and comfortable SofTEx simulated leather. Heated leather seats are available in the Limited Package.

It doesn’t stop in the front bucket seats; the 4-Runner has second row options and a 7-Passenger model with a third row seat. The second row seats have the ability to recline up to 16-degrees, which lets your passengers stretch out. The 40/20/40 splits let you use as much room as you need for your gear.

Of course, the 4-Runner has all the entertainment package options that you would expect from Toyota. From a 6.1-inch touch screen display to an optional navigation system, you can choose the package that meets your needs. Remember, that navigation system can come in handy when you are way off-road.

The 2016 4-Runner is a luxury filled SUV that is ready to take on any weather conditions thrown at it. Stop by and let us show you what makes the 2016 Toyota 4-Runner the perfect winter vehicle today.